Ask The Expert | Iván Pol

Iván Pol began his career as a makeup artist with a reputation as glowing as his clients’ skin. Eager to give them more long-tern results, he swapped his makeup brushes for radio frequency technology in 2010, calling his proprietary technique The Beauty Sandwich.

A non-toxic, non-invasive alternative to botox and fillers, the buzzy facial helps firm, sculpt, tighten and illuminate the skin without any pain or downtime—and has garnered the beauty guru a devoted fanbase that includes such A-Listers as Lizzo, Amber Heard and Victoria’s Secret Angels.
Ivan Pol interview for Costa Brazil.
Tell us about the Beauty Sandwich—how does it work?
It’s a multi-layered radio frequency method, stacked like a sandwich for your perfect beauty bite. The first layer is a firming and healing layer using a radio frequency device. Then I sculpt the muscles through infrared and bipolar radio frequency. I follow that with a natural enzyme cocktail. Our signature treatment uses 2 out of the 3 steps—that’s what you see when Salma Hayek and Brie Larson are on the red carpet. 

Why did you develop it?
I’ve been in the beauty business for 20 years and I found a need in the market for a true non-invasive alternative to the fillers and botox. I just saw younger and younger women starting to mess with their beauty. I was living organically and I wanted to create a clean beauty method. My spa, down to the mattress, is clean and organic. 

Aside from the Beauty Sandwich, what are some simple things to improve skin health?
I’m all about being kind to your skin and yourself. That means using all-natural skincare, eating vibrant organic foods and telling yourself you’re beautiful every day. Beauty is from the inside out. 

How important is clean beauty to skin health? 
It’s very important. Skin is our largest organ. Your skin absorbs these products, they enter your bloodstream. I don’t understand those people who eat organic, but put the equivalent of floor cleaner on their face, or strip their skin with acetone. If a pregnant woman shouldn’t be using a certain product, neither should you. Nature gave us this incredible defense mechanism and we need to respect the skin’s integrity and nourish it.

What is your skin and wellness regimen?
I’m almost 44 years old and I look better now than I did at 30 when I was on a recipe of botox and retinoids. I wake up and I meditate. I write my goals and my intentions. It’s important to write down our wins so the universe can bring that back. Then I dry brush my body to get my lymphatic system going and take a lukewarm shower. I use a gentle cleanser, followed by a smart antioxidant that blocks not just UVAs and UVBs, but also blue light radiation and heavy metals in the air. Then I use an oil with fatty acids, followed by a natural sunscreen. At night, I incorporate organic yogurt as my cleanser. That’s my exfoliant. It’s a natural source of lactic acid. I leave it on for five minutes and it really brightens the bright and helps lock in moisturizer. Then I’m all about a hyaluronic acid serum followed by a moisturizer. 

What did you think of Costa Brazil?
I tried both the Body Oil and the Body Cream and I love them. What I love about the Body Oil is its texture. You put it on and there’s no residue—it immediately absorbs into the skin. I also love the scent, it’s an herbaceous, natural scent. And it looks gorgeous on your counter. Design is important to me. My spa is filled with pieces by Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret, so I love the candle as well. It goes nicely with the aesthetic. 

How would you recommend someone incorporates Costa Brazil in their regimen?
I like to incorporate oil after the hyaluronic serum and before moisturizer. But if you don’t have dry skin the oil is enough. For the body, I use the Oil— and then the Cream just on my dryer body parts, like my knees and elbows. I also love it for the hands.