Body of Work | Gabrielle Marceca and Jon Ervin

Within the confines of their home, the photographer and stylist created a deeply sensual photo series.

Kaya Jungle Firming Body Oil by Costa Brazil in front of a black and white photo of men. Photo by Gabrielle.

Gabrielle Marceca is a fashion and prop stylist who has worked for The Line and Khaite. Jon Ervin is a fine art photographer who has shot for CR Magazine and Departures.

The two met on set in 2016, and have been linked, both creatively and romantically, ever since. In April, while quarantined in their apartment in Brooklyn, they turned their attention to Costa Brazil, capturing the line in a sensually nostalgic series using transparencies, archival imagery and a 1990s overhead projector typically used in classrooms.

Kaya Jungle Firming Body Oil by Costa Brazil next to a man's torso. Photo by Gabrielle.

“I love the process of image-making, the mistakes, and manipulating the film into something unique,” says Ervin, who layered acetate prints of the products with a portrait of Marceca taken in a hotel shower in Spain, a lush seascape from the top of a cliff in Italy, and provocative body shots of American men, projecting the images onto the couple’s living room walls.

Body Cream

Jungle Firming Oil

Firming Body Oil

They worked at night, their home cast in the blue hues of the ocean, the jagged outlines of palm trees, and the orange warmth of skin, while the scent of Costa Brazil’s Jungle candle and Resina de Breu filled the space.

Resina de Breu


Image of Costa Brazil packaging by Gabrielle Marceca.

“Products develop a character when you’re shooting them,” says Marceca. “These were very calming and soothing.”

Oleo Para o Corpo