Brazilian Frankincense

Brazilian Frankincense

Breu Branco is aromatherapy from the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

By using the resin daily, we feel the power of nature. 

Breu Branco resin burning on a pedestal. Image by Marius.

The scent unfolds with a lightness and ease that perfume-haters will love—along the lines of Palo Santo, but more complicated and mysterious."

—Eviana Hartman,


Emitted by the Almacega tree that grows wild in the Amazon jungle, Breu Branco resin is considered sacred—and with reason!

Burning it produces an aromatic white smoke that, for centuries, has been used to:

Treat headaches, stress, and respiratory issues.

Bring concentration, peace, and focus.

Balance the sixth chakra, which is the center of your intuition.

Repel insects, including mosquitoes.

Breu Branco burning on handcrafted tile.

The properties of Breu are similar to that of frankincense, myrrh, and palo santo plants belonging to the same botanical family. 

It’s complex aroma contains notes of dark wood and full-bodied roots, as well as hints of soil, tobacco, orris, styrax, geosmin, and fresh crushed leaves. 

Breu melting by Romy Northover.

The Ingredient That Gives Back

Breu is sustainably harvested from the Almacega trees in the Amazon rainforest by locals.

The groups receive a fair price for the ingredient to incentivize conservation of existing resources, rather than converting land to industrial agriculture.

Almacega tree in the Amazon rainforest.

In 2020, The Fragrance Foundation announced the winners of their annual awards and Costa Brazil was named Most Innovative Product for our Resina de Breu. Congratulations to our fellow honorees!

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How-To: Resina de Breu Aromatherapy

These rituals are intended to purify the home, body and surroundings, and to push away bad spirits and heavy energies. 

Step 1 

Burn the Breu resin on the enclosed handcrafted ceramic tray or another safe heat-resistant surface of your choice.

Step 1 in burning Breu on the tray.

Step 2

Hold flame to a small piece of Breu resin, approximately about an inch in size, to ignite.

Breu lit by a match. Image by David Baum.

Step 3 

Allow it to burn for 10-60 seconds. It does not remain lit like a candle or incense; it offers a more brief ritual, like burning sage. Resin should emit a smoldering, fragrant smoke.

Breu burning on tray by David Baum.

Step 4

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat and relax.

Gently extinguish the flame by blowing or fanning and please allow resin stones to cool down completely before handling.

 Camila Costa meditating with Breu.