How To Use Face Oil With Makeup

How To Use Face Oil With Makeup

Glow Up Your Foundation

How to use face oil with makeup. Image of Tasmin Meyer Ersahin and Costa Brazil's Kaya Anti-Aging Face Oil.

If you struggle with dry patches or cakey-looking foundation...

     Apply Kaya Anti-Aging Face Oil before your foundation to boost your skin with nourishing lipids, omegas 3, 6, 9 and vitamins A, C and E.

     Simply dab a few drops of facial oil onto your skin and smooth over your face and neck.

     Give the oil a few minutes to absorb, then buff a lightweight foundation onto your skin.

 Costa Brazil's Kaya Anti-Aging Face Oil swatch.

If you are prone to oiliness and shine...

     Don’t be discouraged from giving this makeup hack a try.

     Applying a few drops of Face Oil to the high points of the face, including the tops of the cheeks, but avoid the T-zone.

     This will keep the makeup looking glowy instead of greasy. 

     Use a small amount of translucent powder to set your foundation in areas where you tend to get shiny.

 Tasmin Meyer Erşahin applying makeup.

If you want to achieve custom coverage…

     Mix a drop of Face Oil into your foundation to thin out a full coverage formula, make a matte foundation look luminous and your application more seamless. Plus, adding a drop of oil will add needed hydration to dry skin.