Human Nature | Lara Gerin

Lara Gerin grew up in Campinas, Brazil, but her heart belonged to the world. As soon as she was old enough to travel, she took up modeling, heading to Paris where she worked with the likes of Claude Montana and Thierry Mugler, and to Tokyo for Issey Miyake. “I learned so much from him,” she says of the latter. “He’s one of my masters in life.” From there, she turned her attention to styling, and costume design—at one point overseeing wardrobe for some 150 television shows in Brazil. An admitted workaholic, she also, at the behest of a friend, became a dj, curating music for parties and fashion events from Ibiza to St. Tropez to London under the name dj Pebblestone. Now residing in New York, she continues to style and spin records, and in her spare time, concoct tinctures that help her to maintain some equilibrium amidst all the coming and going. “I’m like a little witch with my essential oils,” says Gerin who leaves her house every morning with a cloth mask sprinkled with eucalyptus, lemon, and geranium.  “It treats my energy for the day and keeps me happy,” she explains. “And we all need some time to chill the fuck out.”

Morning ritual:
I hydrate my body with warm water, lemon, apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper. Then I clean my face and massage it with face oil. 

Bedtime ritual: 
Same as morning.

Beauty products you swear by: 
Essential oils, coconut oil, non-specific brands… although now I’m definitely swearing by Costa Brazil <3

Favorite way to move your body: 
Walking all over town and pilates.

Favorite self-care routine: 
Cryotherapy, Oxygen Therapy and pilates.

A powerful scent memory: 
Vetiver from the home perfume my grandma use to do.

Who inspires you:
The person who always inspired me and will always even not being among us anymore was my aunt/mom Sarita. She was the one who taught me all about beauty care, fashion and educated me for life.

What do you find beautiful: 
Water and nature

Lara Gerin

Something you’re looking forward to: 
Move away from the city, probably to a very high mountain and live in Nature.

A piece of advice that has served you well: 
Listen more to Nature.

Lara Gerin

The last thing you read, saw, or listened to that shook you: 
“Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking” by Malcolm Gladwell—the audio book.

What art would you love to own: 
Valerie Von Sobel’s exquisite art. I’m totally in love with it (

The person whose talents you most admire: 
Professor Keith Critchlow, who taught me all about Sacred Geometry.

Favorite place to escape to: 

Hotel you wish you could live at: 
The Petit Ermitage in LA.

Most magical party you’ve attended: 
In Ibiza seeing Sven Vatt at The Cave and Ricardo VillaLobos at the pool of the same house.

Most magical place on earth: 
The hidden cenotes I hunted in the Yucatan in Mexico.