Human Nature | Mari Giudicelli

Before Mari Giudicelli became one of fashion’s most intriguing names, she was one of its most intriguing faces, serving as both model and muse to a number of New York brands. With the money she earned, the Brazilian beauty founded her footwear brand in 2016, producing sensual, simple, elegant shoes that share the same qualities as the woman herself. 
Mari Giudicelli
Morning ritual:
Drink a full glass of water first thing. Affirmations and meditation. Work out listening to Up First. 

Bedtime ritual:
Drink a full glass of water then let an incense burn while reading. Pass out with book in hand. 
Mari Giudicelli
Beauty products you swear by: 
Vichy Mineral 89, Costa Brazil body oil, Biologique Recherche P50 toner

Favorite way to move your body: 
Iyengar Yoga and Trail Runs

A powerful scent memory: 
Nag Champa reminds me of dad's cabin, or car leather seats from going on road trips with my parents. 

Necessary indulgence: 
Massages and bath soaks

Simple pleasures: 
Walk on the beach 

Favorite pastime: 

What causes are most important to you: 
Accessible organic foods and equal rights

A piece of advice that has served you well: 
Nothing is permanent. Say yes.
The last thing you read, saw, or listened to that moved you: 
Kimberly Jones's speech "How Can We Win"
Mari Giudicelli
Favorite place to escape to: 
Anywhere I can swim
Most magical holiday you’ve taken: 
One month traveling around Japan 
Mari GiudicelliLooking forward to: 
A solo motorcycle trip
Mari Giudicelli