Human Nature | Tallulah Harlech

The fashion stylist and consultant lives for nude photo shoots and is eager to find an energy-cleansing hotel.
Tallulah Harlech
Growing up, Tallulah Harlech lived a life best described as extra. The daughter of Chanel muse Amanda Harlech and English aristocrat Francis Ormsby Gore, she walked her first runway at 12, and spent summers at Karl Lagerfeld's home in Biarritz. But these days, the 32 year-old fashion stylist and creative consultant has assumed more minimalist ways. “I don’t do fantasy playful silly billy,” she says of her approach to styling, which includes nearly nude stories for Pop and Rika Magazines.
Image by Tallulah Harlech
And when it comes to her wellness routine, she is equally stripped back. She became vegan seven years ago, when it was not yet fashionable. “Everyone was drinking Diet Coke, smoking cigarettes, and wearing the highest heels possible,” she notes. “No one talked about Ayurvedic massage and green juices.” But she found that eating fruits and veggies changed her body and skin for the better. Here, she shares a few other vital stats about herself.
Image by Tallulah Harlech
Morning ritual:
I take a moment for aligning and connecting to myself first thing, I usually do a 'deep imagining' by Lacy Phillips. Then I drink a glass of filtered water and make tea, mostly rooibos tea with the best quality almond milk I can find. Occasionally I drink lapsang souchong (a favorite), but I've spent the last year healing psoriasis totally naturally and black tea isn't really encouraged.

Bedtime ritual:
No matter what time it is I have a bath or a shower, (I love my sleep though, so I tend not to have late nights very often). I never go to bed with the day still 'on me.’


Beauty products you swear by:
MV Organics changed my life. I got into organic skincare a few years ago and never looked back. Their gentle cream cleanser and jojoba oil has been a constant in my skincare regime. I also use a small, organic, UK brand called Lyonsleaf. They have a balm cleanser and a zinc and calendula moisturizer that my sensitive skin loves.

Favorite way to move your body:
I love working out and I'm very physical. I don't sit down for huge periods of time in the day, I try and take meetings, outside, on the go if I can. I like to do an even mix of vinyasa yoga, circuit training, and reformer pilates throughout the week. If I'm in the countryside, I'll walk, run, do yoga online and Youtube body-weight training.

A powerful scent memory:
The roses in mum's garden at home. And when she used to wear Fracas in the Nineties.

Necessary indulgence:
Acupuncture and Ayuvedic or deep-tissue massage.

What causes are most important to you:
I care a lot about climate change, which links to my reasoning for eating vegan. I grew up in the remote, bucolic countryside on the border of Wales so all things to do with nature matter to me greatly. I feel extremely moved by the 'David Attenborough Effect' that's highlighting the impact of our treatment on the world.

A piece of advice that has served you well:
Don't ask = don't get.

Something you read, saw, or listened to that moved you:
I went to Judy Blame's memorial in London where Baaba Maal performed—that was quite extraordinary. I feel really excited by the designer, Grace Wales Bonner, in London. She curated an exhibition at The Serpentine in 2019, and had a series of spiritually focused events during the time in which it was open—mediation, music, art. She’s exceptionally special and talented as a young designer, and explores a sense of feeling and emotion that goes beyond making clothes.

Favorite place to escape to:
Shropshire. Or somewhere by the sea when it's warm.

Hotel you wish you could live at:
Tell me if this exists somewhere: An energy cleansing hotel with shamanic rituals and processes. Everything from the water running out of the taps, to the bedsheets being carefully selected and your room ritualistically blessed each day.

Most magical holiday you’ve taken:
I went to Kenya many years ago and was fortunate enough to have a deeply personal experience across different parts of the country, the landscape, the wildlife and the indigenous tribes. Nothing has quite beaten that and I hope to return there sometime soon.

Looking forward to:
Dancing alongside, or with, someone I may not already know.