Skincare (and Life) Lessons from Joanna Czech

If you missed our IG Live with the beloved skin expert and our founder Francisco Costa, you can re-watch the intimate conversation (“We’re getting a bit naked now!” says Czech) on Instagram. Cliff notes for you below. Bonus: Shop our new Massage Tool and get a FREE travel-size Kaya Jungle Firming Oil until Thursday, November 18th, 11:59pm PT.

.. Joanna Czech x Francisco Costa



Treat Your Skin Like a Sponge—and Your Muscles Like Dough

Breaking up fascia and digging deep into muscle can be very hard to do with your fingers. “This is a fabulous tool to relax all the muscles,” says Joanna Czech of our new Massage Tool.

Step 1

In an upward motion, massage the muscles along the back of the neck, where nerves responsible for opening the front of the body are situated. “If you want a good jawline, you need to start at the back.”

Massage Tool used on the neck

“We’re getting a bit naked now,” says Czech as she tugs at her shirt’s neckline, revealing her traps. Run the tool in an upward motion here to break up fascia and dig deep into the muscle.

Step 2

Next, either with the tool or your fingers, depending on hair length, pull strands of hair up like a comb about 1 centimeter away from the scalp. This releases tension, providing a lightweight feeling and prepping the face muscles for massage.

Step 3 

Turn to the forehead with either our Massage Tool or the Joanna Czech Facial Massager. Then, create micro-swelling in the cheek area, which will dramatically lift the lower face. Use the more angular part of our Massage Tool to sculpt and relax the muscles along your jawline.

Massage Tool for Face

Step 4

For under-eye bags, lie the flat surface of our Massage Tool wherever potential puffiness lives. “It’s such a great de-puffer,” says Czech, who keeps it in the fridge for optimizing effects. “It’s like micro-cryotherapy.”

Step 5

“It’s also a great body tool,” says Czech, who uses it along her arms, knees and thighs once she’s out of the shower and her body oils are on. “It’s a great, last second prep…” for vacation, date-night, you name it.

Costa Brazil's Massage Tool used on the legs.

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Costa Brazil Massage Tool and Kaya Jungle Firming Oil

Joanna is also a fan of our new high-performance lightweight Face Serum.

“The fastest penetrating serum I have ever experienced,” says Joanna Czech of Costa Brazil’s Face Serum. “I use it during my professional treatments as the very first step because, like a booster, it creates a perfect pathway for any product to follow.”

Costa Brazil's Face Serum