Person of Interest | Adriana Calcanhotto

The beloved Brazilian singer's latest album is one of urgency.
Adriana Calcanhotto topless by David Croland.
Since releasing her first album three decades ago, Adriana Calcanhotto has become one of Brazil’s most beloved musicians, beautifully representing the nation’s myriad sounds (pop, samba, tropicalia…), while also passionately championing its causes. Last year, Calcanhotto released “Margem,” the final installment of a trilogy of albums devoted to the ocean. And now comes “Só,” a nine-song album, recorded while in quarantine, with proceeds going to the people in the music industry who have been effected by the pandemic.
Adriana Calcanhotto by Leo Aversa


How did this project start?
Watching people suffering. I started to wake up with an urgency. A feeling that I had to do something. I started writing songs one by one. I wrote a song one day, and the next day I wrote another. I was thinking about the people in my industry with no money, no jobs—the workers backstage, the technicians, the producers… My idea was to release the songs with proceeds going to support them.


Tell us about the songs.
Some are love songs. But the spirit is related to the news of the pandemic. And the politics.The pandemic would be enough as its own problem, but we also have a President creating new problems—it’s crazy. 


What was the recording experience like?
Different. I recorded it at home, in a little room. I can’t call it a studio. It’s my library, where the cats sleep. It’s the first time I recorded something here. Usually, I like to spend time reviewing my work. But with this one there was an urgency—the idea was to release it quickly. 


How long did it take to record? 
11 days. I’d start at about 7:30-8am, and the idea was to have a song done before lunch. If I didn’t finish, I didn’t eat. But I’m happy to say, I’ve gotten fat from eating. 


How will it be released?
In vinyl, in a limited-edition of 300. It was not my idea to do so, but I like it. 


How else have you been spending this time at home?
I live in the Tijuca forest, in the middle of Rio. It’s not silent at all here. It has its own kind of noice from the toucans and monkey, and I’ve been listening to it all. It’s amazing, a privilege. I love it. 

Adriana Calcanhotto. 

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