Person of Interest | Tasmin Meyer Ersahin

Tasmin Meyer Ersahin, 20, hasn’t been shooting photos and films for very long, but she’s already honed in on her creative aesthetic.“I like the imagery to not be crystal clear,” she says of her work which includes fashion editorials for Vogue Italia and music videos for her boyfriend Arsun Sorrenti. “I’m into imperfections.” Her favorite subjects are her childhood friends, who, by virtue of being cool New York kids, are also models. “They’re the best kind because they don’t really care about the camera,” she notes. She shoots them with her Hasselblad or ’90s camcorder, casually hanging out in Tompkins Square Park, or at her father’s East Village nightclub Nublu. She also loves to capture them on group trips to Mallorca or Florianopolis, the Brazilian island where her mother is from; her eye always focusing in on the raw, undone allure of the subject and their surroundings. “Things are beautiful when they’re in their natural state,” she says. “Even a shitty corner on Avenue C has beauty with all its crazy characters doing their thing.”

Tasmin Meyer Ersahin