Daytona Williams

If you are something of an art and design enthusiast, you may already have procured a copy of the chic new Parisian lifestyle and interiors periodical, Neptune Papers. If you haven’t yet, we highly recommend it.

In Issue One, founder, editor and fashion stylist Daytona Williams assembles stories on the most inspiring subjects, from the iconic French photographer François Halard, the Brooklyn-based furniture sculptors Green River Project, the exquisite potter Carmen D’Apollonio—to our own Francisco Costa. Here, Williams gives us a glimpse into the things that bring him comfort and joy, at a time when the world needs them the most.


Tell us about your vision for Neptune Papers.

The idea had been in the back of the mind for a while and when France was put into its first lockdown following the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was the perfect moment to dive into the project headfirst. I, like many, was yearning for some sort of refuge from what was going on in the world and so I thought what better than to regroup a group of interesting and inspiring creatives in print? The magazine is to be published three times a year and will continue to focus on conversations with creatives across the world.

 By Daytona Williams

Why did you choose to focus Neptune Papers on interiors versus fashion?

Having worked in fashion for almost a decade, I find myself at a point where the ever-changing seasonality and flow of product in fashion is no longer appealing to me. Though I do love a good fashion moment, I find it harder to justify the constant need for newness. Interiors stay with us for a much longer period of time and I believe they are truly anchored in our real lives.

 By Daytona Williams

Is there a connection between fashion and interiors?

The connection between fashion and interiors, for me, is that both are a reflection of who we are. In the same manner that we present ourselves to the world through clothing we chose, our interiors also say a lot about who we are.


What’s your favorite design destination?

Paris for its architecture and the richness of its visual vocabulary. There is nothing I love more than taking a walk across the river on a sunny day to Rue de Seine—to stop by my favorite furniture galleries, such as Jacques Lacoste, before having a drink at La Palette while watching people go by.


And your favorite items in your own home?

The books which I collect; my favorites being signed editions by Andy Warhol and Bruce Weber. I also have a soft spot in my heart for a painting made with the paw prints of my dog. It has no value and is very cheesy, but I love it!


What do you consider effective self-care?

Therapy. I believe that nothing is more beneficial than acknowledging and vocalizing your feelings whether they are positive or negative. It is important to take the time to look inwards and truly get to know and understand yourself as a person.


Can you share your daily wellness routine?

I deeply cleanse and moisturize my skin twice a day. My Scottish heritage means I have inherited very sensitive skin and I make it a mission to take as much care of it as I can. I also drink a LOT of water and give myself facial fluid drainage massages every two to three days.


How did you discover Costa Brazil?

I met Francisco when I worked on buying and special projects for a well-known Parisian department store and we held an event to launch Costa Brazil. I was already very familiar with his fashion work and fell in love with Costa Brazil as soon as I saw the beautiful imagery shot by Sam Rock. I discovered Costa Brazil first through Instagram when I saw the beautiful imagery shot on the beaches of Rio. I was a full convert once I got my hands on the products!


Can you tell us about your go-to products?

First, the face oil which I use religiously. I mix three drops with my Augustinus Bader Rich Cream moisturizer and really work it into my skin and neck – always going upwards! Secondly, I use the Jungle Candle on a nearly daily basis throughout my home—I love its warm and unique smell.


What are you excited for next?

I am currently working on the second issue of Neptune Papers set to be released in May as well as our first pop-up store which will happen over the summer in Paris and will regroup the homeware and furniture offerings of many great artists and creatives!