Person of Interest | Nick Theobald

The work of American artist Nick Theobald—striking monotone paintings and abstract sculptures which incorporate such raw materials as beeswax, hemp, and sea sponges—has a way of inspiring contemplation. And that’s exactly the point. Here, his take on the significance of art during a worldwide pandemic, and the bold typographic treatment he created for the exclusive Pangaia x Costa Brazil collection.

Nick Theobald

What is the meaning of the "Amazonia Forever" artwork?

Repetition takes one to a contemplative state; a spacious place where our being can experience authentic weightlessness. While reflecting on the collaboration, the repetition of the phrase “Amazonia Forever” became a seed of optimism, the spirit of solidarity and perseverance to combat climate change.

What are your biggest inspirations and why?

I find my inspiration in natural materials. Creation to me is about distilling information while expanding on a gesture. Texture, smell and permeance are fascinating to me.

What is the meaning of art in the time of a global pandemic?

I think everyone faced March 2020 with a tangible sense of death. Or at least the fear of it. Staying home for months on end I had a new relationship to the art I live with. A global pandemic has shown us the importance of the spaces we live in and how we care for ourselves...even when there is no one to entertain.

What has been the most rewarding moment of your journey so far?

I have two dogs. One is a severely traumatized afghan hound. Watching her grow overly the last eight years has been the greatest gift.

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

Teleporting through space and time. If you're lucky I’d hug you along the way.

People predict a changed world post-Covid. What would your ideal world be?

Less waste. Complete consideration for animals and our environment. Holding a belief that Utopia is attainable and we aren’t too late.

Why is it important for brands/companies to become more responsible?


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