The Thriving Recluse | Alex Eagle

"I’ve been doing pilates for a while, but I’ve been upping it. Now’s a time to set goals you wouldn’t normally. Some people want to learn to cook, become more fluent in Italian. I would just love to feel super, super strong."
Alex Eagle
“I’m trying to do daily classes on Facetime with Amy Nelms from Flatiron Pilates. She’s a friend, but I usually only see her 1 or 2 times a year when I’m in New York. It’s a nice way to stay connected with her. We can’t be close to our friends these days, but funny enough I’ve never felt closer to them.”
Alex Eagle doing hand stands next to a tree.
“I set up a space by the window. I have my mat, my water. I put frankincense and lemon essential oils in the water—I do these little rituals. Sometimes I incorporate the kids, which is fun. I do a plank with Jack sitting on my back, or Coco passes me the magic circles. It’s just a nice way to be away from the noise and the news.”
Alex Eagle's set up for pilates from home.