The Thriving Recluse | Kelly Klein

The photographer and author Kelly Klein is throwing clay in Palm Beach.
Kelly Klein
"I have been making pottery for three years now and it’s a real learning curve. I love it because you’re working with clay in its natural form and turning it into a useful piece of tabletop, a pot for flowers, or just a beautiful object to look at."
Kelly Klein's pottery
"I’m making ceramics now in my garage for about five hours a day. In this time of isolation, it has really saved my sanity! Working with my hands and mind has given me a creative outlet. Pottery is very time consuming and takes days to finish one piece."
Kelly Klein's pottery.
"I’m experimenting with all different kinds of clay, as well as colors. I’m enjoying making very large pots. They take so much time, and it fills up the hours in a day! I also started making ‘Isolation Totems,’ which are new for me, and I’m excited about them. The inspiration came from my love for Santa Fe. And I’ve been playing around with carving faces into the shapes."
Kelly Klein's pottery during quarantine.