The Thriving Recluse | Marco Scarani

A peek into the creative ways people are spending their time at home. 

“I was in Tangier when the King of Morocco decided in 24 hours to close the air space, so I couldn’t go back to Paris to be with my friend Jamie [Creel] or my family. I have now been in my house since March 15th, and I keep myself busy repairing, claiming recycling."

"In these special times, we need to rethink our excess of consuming and being trapped in a house pushes us to be more creative with what you have."

"I recycled an old pillow into a decorative wall accessory. Yesterday, I repaired the cracks of a sculpture, and last week I reorganized the library, rearranging everything…"—Marco Scarani, creative director of Creel & Gow.

Pillow Art



Marco Scarani