The Thriving Recluse | Taehoon

The founder of San Francisco design shop Hooniture is re-thinking his environment.
Taehoo, owner of Hooniture.
"I am deeply inspired by, and invested in, space as art. Often times, I find myself changing things around the home, moving furniture as an anchor and shuffling smaller accessories according to the new composition. Now that I am spending more time at home, I feel urges to bring different perspectives into my daily environment more so than usual."
Hooniture by Taehoon.
"Re-arranging parts of home is almost like playing dress up (which I love as well) and just like fashion, there are multiple ways to style a space. The fun thing is that each small element introduced to the new composition reveals a new palette and an unexpected learning."
Hooniture by Taehoon.
"I was bringing changes to my console and I needed something that had some height to it. That was when I grabbed these two brass vases and stacked them on top of each other and created a new form which had a sculptural quality. I was fascinated by the results and the ways contrasting forms and shapes visually and physically communicate to each other."
Hooniture by Taehoon.
"I don’t know what these ad-hoc exercises want to be in the end, but they are definitely tickling my creativity. Also, they are reminding me that sometimes restrictions, curiosity and positive attitude toward the unknown can lead to creativity and new awareness."
Hooniture by Taehoon.
  1. Heaven, The Blaze
  2. Blow Up, Kid Francescoli 
  3. Larme a gauche, Vendredi Sur Mer
  4. Our, Gesaffelstein 
  5. Apple Cherry, Nao
  6. Starry Night, Peggy Gou 
  7. Show Me The Right, Neil Frances
  8. Garde Le Pour Toi, Paradis