What I Love | Francisco Costa

This month, love abounds at Costa Brazil. Love for ourselves. Love for others. And of course, love for the Earth, and all it contains. It is a theme we’re exploring throughout February with the help of our ever-growing Community of people whom we, well, love. To kick it off, our founder Francisco Costa spotlights five things he’s presently feeling passionate about. 

I have never been a bath person. In fact, I hated them. I never had the patience. But because next month we are launching Bath salts with CBA—a CBD-like complex of Amazon oils that we’re introducing—I took one. I put the whole bag in as well as a full dropper of our Body oil, and it was the most unbelievable experience! So beautiful. I was almost high. Baths will now be a part of my ritual. 

Nick Theobald
He's a young artist who does these interesting beeswax paintings. They’re bright yellow pictures that can be monochromatic or comprised of different shades depending on where he sources the wax. I met him at a Christmas party, and am hoping to get one of his works.
Nick Theobald's
White Roses

love having white roses in my bedroom. They remind me of New Year’s Eve in Brazil when people throw roses into the ocean in honor of Iemanjá, the goddess of the sea. I prefer the ones that are less cultivated. Country roses. They have such an incredible scent. And as we develop a fragrance line for Costa Brazil, I find them very inspiring. I’m also reading “Aphorisms of a Perfumer” by Dominique Ropion, who is an amazing nose—a visionaire. I’m curious to see his point of view. 

I’m liking it again! The new menswear collection felt like the Prada I loved so much years ago, but could never afford. The cuts are beautiful. And there’s this dressed-down sportiness that makes sense for now. 

Vedic Astrology
I was seeing a clairvoyant and she did my chart and told me I should try Vedic Astrology because I think I’m a Taurus, but am actually an Aries. Vedic is the most ancient astrology. What we know about astrology is Western. So I booked an appointment at the Ishwar Center in Queens. I’ve had psychic readings—some really crazy ones—but I prefer astrology because I see it as a science. There’s this energy around us and it comes from something. We’re all little crazy stars and we effect other people, so how can the planets not effect us?