Test 1: My Journey into the Amazon

I had actually never been to the Amazon before. It was something I always wanted to do, but at the same time the idea intimidated me.  I also thought I'd  feel like an intrusive tourist in a land so sacred.  But the truth is, the rainforest welcomes you. There is a force there that navigates you. I call it clarity.

Member of Yawanawas tribe. Photograph courtesy of Francisco Costa ©2016.

I landed in Acre, an isolated Brazilian state which borders Peru on the northwest coast of the Amazon. It’s a very spiritual area with hieroglyphics everywhere. I drove five hours to embark on a six and half hour long boat ride along the Gregório River. I was overwhelmed by a mixture of exhaustion, wonder and excitement, as I headed to finally meet the members of Yawanawá tribe.