Cupuaçu Oil is responsibly wild harvested from the seeds of the Cupuaçu, a super food that is the natural fruit of Brazil, found in the heart of the Amazon basin. Seeds are gathered sustainably from the ground after they naturally fall from the tree.

This skin-enhancing concentrate has a higher phytosterol content than Shea and cacao, which helps to strengthen the hydrolipidic barrier and has rejuvenating properties. Skin smoothing and nourishing, Cupuaçu Oil has high levels of antioxidants and is rich in phytosterols, essential fatty acids and vitamin E. A phenomenal hydrator, Cupuaçu extracts shield the body from damaging UV rays and improves appearances of premature aging and thinning skin. The oil’s ability to promote new moisture levels and provide antioxidant protection enhances surface elasticity by replenishing the skin with essential fatty acids, strengthening the lipid barrier and naturally removing potentially damaging oxidizing agents found within the body.