Kaya is wild-harvested exclusively and sustainably from exotic sapucaia trees for Costa Brazil by local farmers from the northern coast of Brazil. Our founder, Francisco Costa, was first introduced to the tree’s elusive “fruit that awakens desire” by a local chemist, who opened its hard exterior to reveal a cluster of seeds packed with antioxidants, minerals, and micronutrients. Rich in linoleic, oleic and palmitic acids, as well as selenium, magnesium and high-performance protein energy, the cold-pressed oil is technically classified as a super-essential fatty acid—and revered in South America as a secret superfood for the body and skin.

The regal history of Kaya extends back to the indigenous tribes of the Amazonia, who used its potent leaves to calm skin irritations. The extracted oil from the seeds was used to reduce muscle pain and regulate blood sugar. Kaya’s large woody fruit exterior became water vessels, hunting and gathering tools and ornamental decorations. Today, imposing 98-foot tall Kaya trees tower over the winding green paths of Rio de Janeiro’s breathtaking Quinta da Boa Vista. Planted more than a century ago by the Brazilian imperial family, they still burst alive each spring, emitting a delicate floral fragrance from their vivid purple flowers.