Kaya is wild harvested exclusively and sustainably from exotic sapucaia trees for Costa Brazil by local farmers from the northern coast of Brazil. 

Francisco was introduced to the tree’s elusive “fruit that awakens desire” by a local chemist, who opened the fruit’s hard exterior to reveal a cluster of seeds packed with antioxidants, minerals, micronutrients and vitamin E.

Extremely lightweight, the cold-pressed oil is technically classified as a super essential fatty acid due to its rich composition of linoleic, oleic and palmitic acids. Revered in South America as a secret super food for the body and skin since the 16th century, Kaya is also rich in selenium, magnesium and high-performance protein energy. This rich and exotic seed oil instantly transforms your skin from dull and lackluster to radiant and healthy looking, and improves the appearance of skin tone, texture and firmness while adding skin nourishing lipids. Costa Brazil is proud to exclusively introduce Kaya’s profound skin care benefits for the first time.

The wild fruit that makes the eyes lit…. awakens desire…. draws attention.

The regal history of Kaya extends back to the indigenous tribes of the Amazonia, who used its potent leaves to calm skin irritations and in herbal tonics for baths. The extracted oil from the seeds was used to reduce muscle pain and regulate blood sugar. Kaya’s large woody, gourd-like shell became water vessels, hunting and gathering tools and ornamental decorations.

Today, if you take a leisurely walk through the breathtaking Quinta da Boa Vista (“Estate with the good view”) in Rio de Janeiro, imposing 98ft tall Kaya trees tower over the park’s winding green paths. Planted more than a century ago by the Brazilian Imperial Family, the tree’s vibrant pink foliage still bursts alive in spring with a delicate floral fragrance from its array of vivid purple flowers. Kaya oil is distilled from the tree’s large rounded fruits, which have a vivid cinnamon-colored hard outer shell known as “monkey pots” by locals.

Recent studies have shown the incredible beneficial properties of Kaya nut oil, confirming the ancient use of it by Amazon natives as a powerful concentrate for healing scratches and wounds.