“Women who are active and engaged in the world look younger. Why? Because they’re not sitting on a beach in St. Barts for a week,” says Dr. Macrene Alexiades, MD, PhD. The dermatologist would know, since a lot of her clientele is the jet-setter type. Here, how to avoid brown spots and sun damage in the winter.

Change Your Lifestyle 

“When you’re working all day in an office, your skin doesn’t take the toll of the sun. It’s such a blessing in disguise!” says the expert, who goes by Dr. Macrene. Her best tip? Try to avoid the midday sun. If you are in a sunny environment, apply sunscreen and go out towards the latter part of the day. If you're going for a swim, jump in and out and get under an umbrella or better yet a tree, which is even better for shade.   

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Apply (and Re-apply) Sunscreen

Ten minutes before going out into the sun, apply SPF as your skin's top layer. A moisturizer with SPF that you applied at the top of the day won't cut it: “SPF is only good for a short amount of time,” says Dr. Macrene, who suggests re-applying over your skincare every time you go outside.    

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Make It A Ritual

“In Greece, we have a ritual we do: we go to the beach right before sunset so you don’t need to wear sunscreen. The sun is going down rapidly and we swim and we watch the sun kind of sink into the sea—it's beautiful.”

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