The Germany-born, Paris-based photographer Cornelius Kaess captures the verve and the heat of Rio de Janeiro in all of its hazy, extraordinary energy. His photography appears in this email. Learn more about his process, below.

1. When was the first time you went to Brazil?

I first visited Brazil in 2019. That trip marked the beginning of an incredible journey that profoundly influenced my photography and artistic vision.

2. Your work exudes a true Brazilian DNA, how did you find that Brazilian connection?

My connection to Brazil was sparked by my fascination with old books about street photography in Brazil. These books introduced me to the vibrant culture, street-aesthetics and the stories of its people. Through their lens and my personal experience in Brazil, I found a deep, resonant connection that continues to inspire my work.

3. What does Rio mean to you?

Rio de Janeiro embodies a true sense of love and free-spiritedness. It's a city where the energy is palpable, the people are passionate and the landscapes are breathtaking. Rio, to me is a place where my heart beats louder.

4. Would you like to comment on any of your favorite Costa Brazil products?

I feel deeply connected to the DNA of Costa Brazil. Their products resonate with a true connection to Brazil, the jungle and the surrounding nature. Using them, I sense the raw and untamed beauty of the Brazilian landscape, which mirrors the essence I strive to capture in my photography.