Who better to get ready with than your best friend? Tasmin Meyer Ersahin, a photographer and creative director who hails from Brazil, and Dusty Rose Ryan, a model who has appeared in publications such as Interview Magazine, couldn’t agree more. “We always get dressed together, put on our makeup together, and hang out while we go through our routines!” says Ersahin of her fashion-forward friend. The feeling is mutual, says Ryan: “Tasmin’s commitment to the people she loves, her confidence, and her ability to look effortlessly beautiful in any situation makes her a great teacher when it comes to selfcare.” Here, the friends share their everyday routines, biggest icons, and favorite beauty rituals of all time.

At COSTA BRAZIL, we believe sacred beauty rituals should be shared with the people you love.

Ersahin: I agree. I have some sweet memories with loved ones sharing beauty rituals: getting ready before going out at night with my best friend; brushing teeth before bed with my boyfriend; my mom combing my hair after bath time when I was little!

Ryan: In the current state of the world, it’s more important than ever to give yourself the time and attention you deserve. With that comes a chosen responsibility to make sure those you love also do the same. Sharing the rituals that make you feel good is a great step towards doing that.

How would you describe your approach to selfcare in three words?

Ersahin: Fun by myself.

Ryan: Indulgent, sporadic, easy.

Has your outlook on selfcare changed at all in the last year or so?

Ersahin: I used to think of selfcare as a routine I would do to make myself look or feel better, but recently I’ve started just doing activities by myself that are fun, like taking a walk by myself every morning. It’s been really nice.

Ryan: It definitely has. I’m not sure if it’s due to the bounty of time alone, or the need to find simple pleasures, but it has been essential for me to get through these past years.

Who is your biggest beauty icon and why?

Ersahin: Marylin Monroe—she’s the most glamorous ever. Ryan: I look towards the older women in my life, especially my mother. The women who have raised me, and still somehow look full of life, have to be doing something right!

Tell us about a selfcare/beauty ritual that was passed down to you, either through a close friend or family member.

Ersahin: I’ve started taking cold showers because my boyfriend does it, and it’s really changed my life. A cold shower in the morning gives me so much energy. Ryan: My dad is a hairdresser and has always cut my sister’s and my hair. It’s always been a sentimental practice for us, and I can’t imagine letting anyone else cut my hair. Having someone you trust and love be a part of that tradition makes it sacred.