Swim & Skin

Give back to nature with Francisco Costa and supermodel Candice Swanepoel's debut collection. Featuring: skin-firming shimmering elixirs, your choice of upcycled swimsuit, and a white bag made from FSC-certified paper.

Ten percent of proceeds will go to Conservation International, a nonprofit supporting the Amazon.

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C Is For Candice

“I have a sort of ‘Clark Kent’ power,” says supermodel and entrepreneur, Candice Swanepoel. “One moment I’m directing the vision for Tropic of C, and the next I’m in a bikini in front of the camera—with the odd breastfeed session in the middle.” If the mother-of-two’s life sounds a bit crazy, it’s because it “definitely is.”

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...and Costa

Our founder goes back to his design roots with this collaboration. "It's white or black or nothing at all for me," he says of the Brazilian-inspired bathing suits, styled here with Sol and Lua Body Oils. “These days, I'm all about dressing the skin.”


...and Conservation

Inspired by nature, Costa Brazil and Tropic of C believe it's not enough to benefit from the earth’s nourishing natural ingredients and materials; we must give back to the communities who make our work possible. Ten percent of sale proceeds will go to Conservation International, a nonprofit protecting the Amazon.

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