Expert Dr. Macrene Alexiades, MD, PhD, dermatologist to the stars and founder of groundbreaking skincare line Macrene Actives, shares her daily skincare rituals. “At any point in the day, you could wipe my face and not a bit of dirt will be there,” she says.

“I’m falling in love with what Costa Brazil is doing. We share the same mission: Healthy for your skin, healthy for the earth.”

— Dr. Macrene Alexiades, MD, PhD and Founder of Macrene Actives

01 Wash Your Face

“I get up in the morning and take my shower with lukewarm water on the face — never hot. I don’t really need to use a cleanser in the morning, because my skin is basically still clean from overnight, but sometimes, I will.”  

Both Costa Brazil's Hydrating Face Cleanser and Macrene's High Performance Cleanser feature plant-derived surfactants, which cleanse skin gently without unhealthy chemicals. 

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02 Hydrate Immediately

“I lock in hydration with my High Performance Face Cream right away, and I do the whole face with a hazelnut size amount. Then, I immediately move to serum—which goes everywhere.”    

Both Costa Brazil's Face Serum and Macrene's High Performance Face Serum features hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and caffeine-rich extracts to brighten and illuminate the skin. 

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03 Lock In Moisture

I move to my eyes with my High Performance Eye Cream, then to my neck and décolletage and finally my lips — with my new High Performance Lip Filler. At night I do the whole thing all over again.   

Both Costa Brazil's Body Oil and Macrene's High Performance Neck and Décolletage Treatment feature firming agents, fatty acids and plant-derived oils, some of which carry anti-microbial properties. 

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04 One More Tip

When it comes to Costa Brazil's Face Serum and Face Oil, says Macrene, “Put the serum on first and then the oil, because the serum is a water based emulsion and it's not hard for things to penetrate on top of it, unlike the oil, which will seal in hydration.” 

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