For in-demand makeup artist Romy Soleimani, skincare and makeup are one in the same. “Looking your best starts with feeling your best,” says the beauty expert, who believes in layering her celebrity clientele's skin with vitamin-packed oils, serums, creams and mists that smell as good as they perform. “A great product not only brings vitality to the skin but also makes you take a deep breath.”

Here, how Romy Soleimani treats the skin, with a little help from Costa Brazil.

“I like to prep the skin, do the makeup, and bring everything back to the skin.”

How to Love Your Skin

01 The Prep

“Cold is really an important component in my process for prepping skin,” says Soleimani, who is the master behind easy, glowing skin for the likes of Tracee Ellis Ross, Cara Delevingne, Carolyn Murphy and more. “If you have a night out, or are just looking for a big moment, you can begin by literally rubbing ice on your face after cleansing. It firms and tightens skin, and it stimulates blood flow.”

Double down with Massage Tool, which can be stored in the fridge to optimize results. Work in Face Serum, which is cold-to-the-touch, thanks to a formula comprised of Hyaluronic Acid, aloe leaf juice and caffeine-rich Guarana. Tap on the Face Oil, Soleimani says. “Place your hands to the side of the face, not your t-zone, and press intentionally.”

Finally, make sure to include a relaxing fragrance to your routine, like Aroma. “When people smell good, that makes them take a breath. Suddenly, their shoulders are lower, and their beauty comes out.”

02 Add Makeup

When applying makeup, don’t overdo it, says Soleimani. “Makeup should be a mood, not a look—it’s not paint by numbers.” Soleimani typically leans towards a very sheer layer of foundation in the center of the face, and then fades out. For very dry skin, she recommends mixing Costa Brazil Face Oil with your foundation. “Personally, I like to press and dab and sheer it on the cheeks [over] foundation…. making sure to always keep the under eyes and t-zone area matte.”

As for color? It’s no surprise the in-demand artist—whose recent editorials include a smoky-eyed Hailey Bieber on the cover of Australian Vogue, and runway shows feature blurred red pouts and iridescent lids for the likes of Ulla Johnson and Rachel Comey, respectively—prefers a light-handed stroke over anything else.

“I like to play with color in a subtle way,” Soleimani says. “I love neon but in untraditional ways, like the lower lash in a teal green or pink. Painterly but graphic looks…”

And of course, she adds: “Vibrancy of the skin.” Costa Brazil’s Sunlight and Moonlight Body Oils offer a subtle shimmer that looks lived-in, as opposed to more traditional shimmers that veer towards highlighters. "For a subtle highlight or radiance, play with the Lua on the orbital area of your upper cheek bone or tap it onto your eyelids for a naked eye with just a little bit of glow..."

03 Return to Skincare

Soleimani is one of those brilliant makeup artists that, once they paint the face to near perfection, they add another layer of oils and mists on top of their work. “I like to prep the skin, do the makeup, and bring everything back to the skin,” she says. Layering makeup with oil not only helps to lock in moisture, but it also helps to blend everything in to make sure it looks as natural as possible.

Soleimani believes you can keep returning to skincare throughout the day. “At some point in the day, take a moment to check in with yourself and wake up the skin by taking a little bit of Face Oil in your hands and pressing it into your cheekbones,” says Soleimani. “Think of it like a little hug.”

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