Moisture is what we all want, but how do we get it in a way that's best for our individual skin? According to Dr. Macrene Alexiades, MD, PhD and founder of Macrene Actives, you “have to understand your different moisturizer classes.”

Here, the key types of hydration as well as a few hard and fast rules to live by when it comes to maximizing water intake. 

Understand Your Moisturizer Classes 

01 Humectants, which draw in molecules and keep them in the skin 

02 Exclusives, which occlude the skin like a band aid 

03 Emollients, which get at the crux of a broken skin barrier in winter 

"I like humectants, such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin and aloe, and emollients, such as coco glycerides, jojoba esters, and olive oil derivatives," says Dr. Macrene, who recommends staying away from exclusives such as mineral oils since they can exasperate acne in acne-prone skin. She continues: "Plant-derived oils can contain nice fatty acids, and anti-microbial oils can be great, too, at low levels."

One More Tip

Pay attention to the humidity in your household. "Warm, humid air can really help to keep your skin hydrated because you're not needed to compete with your air for water," says Dr. Macrene.

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